Rustic & Private

Amboy, WA 98601


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  REF/ID # 531360

 Approx. 0 Acres
09 Block#
30 Site#
RV Cover Deck Storage & Sunroom Site Buildings
Full Mountain View View Type
Lake Merwin  Campers Hideaway

Phone: 360-247-5589

All Information Deemed Accurate but not Warranted.

Rustic Cedar cabin in private location with stunning views to Mt. St. Helens. Completely renovated interior with quartz benchtop & modern cabinets. Sizable storage attic with pull down access stairs. Timber/cedar lines sunroom with externally vented gas stove. Completely furnished. Equipped with refrigerator, TV appliances, Linen, Crockery & Cutlery.

1972 33ft Leyton, Cover, Deck, Sunroom, Shed, power, Water, Holding Tank & Drywell.